Courses I TA'd:

At the University of Minnesota

Life on Earth: Perspectives on Biology (HSCI 1212)
Scientific Reasoning (PHIL 1005)
Foundations of Biology II Laboratory–course-based undergraduate research experience  (BIOL 2004/3004)

This was an inquiry-based active learning course where the students worked in small groups to develop and carry out their own research projects based off of novel research questions. The course used the Pseudomonas fluorescens system developed by Paul Rainey and Michael Travisano. I served as an advisor to help the students develop their questions, design the experiments, troubleshoot problems, and analyze data. They also wrote scientific papers to present their results at the end of the semester. I provided detailed feedback on their drafts from which they could revise and then resubmit.

At Arizona State University

Philosophy of Science
Biology and Society
History of Biology

In all courses, I led discussion sections, assisted in developing and grading assignments, held office hours, and providing feedback on writing assignments.